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Why Meats Today?

Halal meats

Halal is derived from an Arabic word , which means "allowed or permissible". In the case of meat, the foods or meat which are permitted by Islamic law are called “halal meat”. To obtain halal certification, meats cannot be illegally cut (such as meat from hind legs or meats from animals such as pork).


ISO 22000: 2018, Food Safety Management System: The requirements of each organization in the food chain, is recognized globally as the most relevant document supporting the development of a Food Safety Management System (FSMS).


HACCP: HACCP has been compliance with requirements of (Hazard analysis and critical control points). HACCP for the following scope: food production, processing, depositary, distribution, retailers, delivery of fresh in variety of cuts, marinated meat, and packed items.

Fresh from farm

The meats we procure are fresh from farms , the poultry and animals are feeded with natural chemical free foods. The animals and poultry are naturally grown , NO GROWTH HORMONES injected. Once the meat is cut it’s maintained at 0-4 degrees to keep it fresh and (germs or bacteria)free. The meats are untouched by hand while packing and delivery.

Featured Products

Save 15%
Chicken Boneless

Order freshly packed boneless chicken from Meats Today. These flexible chicken pieces are cut into cubes without any b

Save 10%
Chicken Biryani cut - with skin (large pieces)

Homemade biryani is unparalleled and will bring extra care and love in your family. Meats Today made it even more spec

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Chicken Biryani cut- without skin (large pieces)

Preparing homemade biryani chicken using Meats Today will bring joy to your family. These biryani cuts included all ty

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Whole Chicken (Full Chicken) - with Skin

Order Full chicken with skin online with Meats Today. We bring you fresh and clean chicken to prepare your desired dis

Save 36%
Dry Ribbon Fish

Dry Ribbon fish ( Dry Vaazhai Fish) contains proteins , fats, and carbs . This is the main source of calcium.This hel

Save 13%
White egg (6 pieces per box)

White Eggs are taken from healthy and species-friendly chickens, 100% natural. Eggs are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty

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