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Can you really find flank steak recipe on the web?

To know about flank steak recipe

The beef lovers will surely like this flank steak recipe. The steaks are marinated and then grilled to get juicy flank steaks for your dinner.

What is flank steak?

The flank is a piece of meat obtained from the abdominal muscles or lower breast of a cow. While preparing this recipe , we recommend you to get this type of beef cuts . Buy and enjoy from Meats Today.

Boost your ingredients for Flank Steak recipe


The key ingredients are mentioned below for your reference  

 S.NO   Ingredients
  1  Flank Steak
  2  Grounded Black Peppercorns
  3  Minced garlic- 5 cloves or garlic powder
  4  Mustard sauce
  5  Lemon juice
  6  Red Wine Vinegar
  7  Olive oil or any cooking oil
  8  Soya sauce
  9  Worcestershire sauce
  10  Salt to taste

Love to Marinate the flank steak

Marinate the beefsteak, which adds juiciness and flavor to the steak and changes our Meats today steak from ordinary to delicious!!!!! This marination process provides extra flavor without destroying the natural flavor of the meat  and makes the meat yum yum.

How to marinate Steak?

Use a glass bowl or any other container or else you can zipper bag to marinate steaks. Add all the ingredients in the bowl followed by flank steak, spices, sauces, oil , vinegar, and salt.

Mix everything and this is the most effective way to marinate steaks because it covers the steaks evenly with a relatively small amount of marinade. Refrigerate it up to 24 hours to get juicy flank steak.

Preparation method is out

How to prepare beef steak recipe?

Here we get into the recipe. Preheat the grill over medium heat, add oil or butter to the grill, place the steak on the grill, discard the marinade, and grill on each side for 5 - 10 minutes or until the beef steak is cooked.

To test doneness, reduce a small slit withinside the middle of boneless cuts or withinside the middle close to the bone of bone-in cuts. Medium-uncommon may be very red withinside the middle and barely brown towards the edges. Medium is mild red in the middle and brown towards the edges.

The preparation time is just 15 minutes for this yummy food.


Serve the Beef steak

Serve it with the baked veggies and garlic bread.

To know more recipes, check out UNIK Eats for more recipes.

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