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meat shop near me in chennai

Meats Today is an online meat shop near me in Valasaravakkam, especially for Beef and Chicken. Our product is fresh beef, fresh chicken, dry fish, and eggs. Everyone doesn't like to have frozen meat and injected antibiotic meat. We like to have fresh and clean meat. So here comes the solution for it.

People have a thought it is obvious that cattle and poultry farms will be located only in village areas, metro cities does have a barrier of having farming land to produce fresh meat so which makes the consumer to assume meat available in that would be frozen or preserved.

Meats Today has to adhere to break the barriers of frozen meat and forming a farmer's community to develop the cattle and poultry farming outskirt of the metro city with having a proper supply chain management. We can supply farm fresh meat at your doorstep.


"We care about meats today customer health"
So meats today meats are procured directly from the farm. So we are delivering farm-fresh meats to your home.


Nowadays so many "online meat delivery" companies in the market.

What’s Unique about Meats Today for online meat delivery?

  1. Customer satisfaction is our primary motive.
  2. Let the meat meet everyone’s needs.
  3. Your meat package untouched by hands
  4. 100% Halal Meat.
  5. Precisely cutting Beef meat and Chicken meat
  6. Promised quality yet low cost.


How do meats today deliver meat to your home?

"Meats Today deliver the meats which are direct farm to your home"

  1. We procure meat from Local poultry and cattle farms in the village
  2. Once we procure the meats, quality check has been done.
  3. Meats are packed untouched by hands and delivered to the customer home.


Do You Believe in Free Farm Fresh Chicken?


Every individual in the country should get protein-rich, hygienic, and most healthy meat. Health and hygiene is not a luxury, rather it's a basic need for every human”

Online Meat Offer for Meats Today Customers:

"We are Providing So much Meat Offer for Meats Today Customers" frequently

How Can I Get Free Chicken?

  1. Download the Meats Today App (Android and IOS)
  2. Purchase any Chicken Product
  3. Free fresh chicken will be added on your first order

Meat Shop Near Me in Chennai:


We have launched a modern meat shop which is near valasaravakkam. And we do online meat delivery in nearby locations.

Our online meat Delivery service areas:

People are lucky who search online meat shop near me in

  1. Valasaravakkam
  2. Virugambakkam
  3. Vadapalani
  4. Saligramam
  5. KK Nagar
  6. Ramapuram

We do deliver for all above locations.

For direct meat orders
Our Online Meat shop is located in #4, Veerappa Nagar, Valasaravakkam,(Megamart Backside)

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