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Chicken Curry Cut - with Skin (Small pieces)

Meats Today's sliced ​​chicken cut with skin adds a lot of flavor and texture to your meal with minimal processing. Th

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Chicken Biryani cut- without skin (large pieces)

Preparing homemade biryani chicken using Meats Today will bring joy to your family. These biryani cuts included all ty

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Chicken Curry Cut - Skinless (Small Pieces)

Chicken Curry Cut without skin is a complete source of lean protein and is low in healthy fats. We can prepare a varie

Save 10%
Chicken Biryani cut - with skin (large pieces)

Homemade biryani is unparalleled and will bring extra care and love in your family. Meats Today made it even more spec

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Chicken Breast

Meats Today chicken breast piece is one of the most popular and versatile products, trimmed neatly, boneless and skinl

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Chicken Soup Bones
MT Chicken Soup Bones are cleaned and packed specially for soups. The chicken bones contains proteins, minerals, vitamins and especially Chicken bones
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Chicken Boneless

Order freshly packed boneless chicken from Meats Today. These flexible chicken pieces are cut into cubes without any b

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Whole Chicken (Full Chicken) - with Skin

Order Full chicken with skin online with Meats Today. We bring you fresh and clean chicken to prepare your desired dis


About Chicken

Chicken Meat (White meat) is a high-protein food that can help control weight and reduce the risk of heart disease. Fresh Chicken Meat contains the amino acid tryptophan, which is associated with increased levels of serotonin in our brains.

Chicken Meat can be cooked in lots of ways: it is able to be used to make hot dogs, skewers, salads, grills, and fried foods. Cooking techniques vary from tradition to tradition. Usually used techniques for cooking are frying, baking, and deep-frying. Chicken is almost used worldwide, and it’s available in various cuisines.

Health Benefits of Meats Today Chicken Shop

The health benefits of Meats Today chicken are:
  1. Easy to digest
  2. Promotes your heart health
  3. Boosts your immunity
  4. Strengthens your bones
  5. Reduces PMS

Nutritious Value of Chicken:

Chicken is easy to eat and kids love chicken. It is more nutritious that you can add it to your balanced diet. Meats Today provides high-quality Chicken for your healthier lifestyle.
The Nutritious Value of chicken is below:
  • Calories - 2390
  • Fat - 140g
  • Sodium - 820 mg
  • Potassium - 2230 mg
  • Protein - 270 g
  • Cholesterol - 880 mg
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Cobalamin
  • Selenium
  • Phosphorous

Chicken Cuts:

There are various chicken cuts, and it's used for different types of dishes. The cut of chicken is chicken breast, chicken wings, chicken leg pieces, chicken thigh, chicken lollipop (most lovable dish for kids), chicken drumstick, curry cuts, and Briyani cuts. The skin of the the chicken gives yum flavor to the dishes.

Categories of Chicken cuts in Meats Today:


1. Full chicken with skin

Full chicken(Whole chicken) with skin that gives juicy and extra flavors to the dishes. The full chicken can be used to prepare full tandoori chicken, fully grilled chicken, chicken barbecue, and full chicken fry.

2. Biryani cut or biryani chicken (big piece)

Biryani cuts are a combination of large and coarse halves of chicken. It contains thighs, breasts, leg pieces, as well as a mixture of the softer and relatively harder parts of white meat that gives a perfect biryani. This has two types
  • Briyani cut with skin
  • Briyani cut skinless

3. Curry Cut (small piece)

Curry cut defines the Cut half of the chicken into small pieces, including the legs, wings, ribs, neck, and wings. The mixture of soft pieces and hard bones together. ​​Chicken curry cut is perfect for all south Indian Cuisines. This has two types
  • Curry Cut Skinless.
  • Curry Cut with Skin

4. Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is a real meat delicacy, the meatiest piece of chicken. Its high meat-to-bone ratio makes it versatile and can be used in various dishes. This part is peeled and has a soft texture. For protein diets, chicken breast can be made into small pieces with pasta, butter chicken masala, or used as a juicy chicken grill or filling casserole.

5. Chicken Boneless

Chicken boneless is easy to eat. Even a 7-month baby can consume boneless chicken. The juicy and smooth chicken is an ideal choice for a variety of dishes such as Indian spiced keema, chicken 65, and so on.

The recipes you can try with Meats Today Chicken are

      Top Recipes with chicken:
  1. Chicken Wings Recipe
  2. Kerala Chicken Roast
  3. Butter chicken
  4. Chettinad Chicken
  5. Chicken fry
  6. Chicken lollipop
  7. Chicken 65
  8. Chicken Biryani
  9. Chicken gravy
  10. Roasting chicken

Meats Today Chicken Online Delivery within 60 mins:

Nowadays, we love to order online, because we are busy with our work. Ordering online saves time, and you will be free from purchase. We deliver 100% halal meat and fresh meat tender meat. Get your meat delivered in 60 min by the Meats Today delivery team.
Selling Farm Fresh, most hygienic, chemical-free poultry, and red meat at your doorstep within 60 mins which is much cheaper than our street Butcher shop.
Let's break the thumb rule...
Cheaper products can also be of better quality from now on.
Farm Fresh Chicken shop at the doorstep from Meats Today, Order chicken online Now.
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