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Chicken Boneless


Order freshly packed boneless chicken from Meats Today. These flexible chicken pieces are cut into cubes without any bone.

Weight: 475 - 500 gms

Pieces count: 18 - 20

Serves: 4
M.R.P.: ₹ 270.00
Price: 230.00

You Save: ₹ 40.00 (15%)

In Stock

What You're Getting

We carefully cut the breast slices into uniform shapes. They do not contain bones, they are safe to eat. From toddlers to adults, these babies can easily become the darlings of your family. 
These chicken nuggets have a wide range of uses. Cook a range of Indian dishes such as Butter Chicken, Kerala Fried Chicken, Chettinad Chicken, and Chili Chicken Manchurian, 65 Chicken, Chicken Noodle Fried Rice, and many other appetizers and snacks recipes. 
Meats Today is selling Farm Fresh, the most hygienic, chemical-free poultry, and red meat at your doorstep within 60 mins which is much cheaper than our street Butcher shop.
Chicken boneless price per kg is very Low in Meats Today.
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