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Save 20%
Chicken Breast

Meats Today chicken breast piece is one of the most popular and versatile products, trimmed neatly, boneless and skinl

Save 20%
Chicken Biryani cut - with skin (large pieces)

Homemade biryani is unparalleled and will bring extra care and love in your family. Meats Today made it even more spec

Save 15%
Chicken Boneless

Order freshly packed boneless chicken from Meats Today. These flexible chicken pieces are cut into cubes without any b

Save 20%
Chicken Biryani cut- without skin (large pieces)

Preparing homemade biryani chicken using Meats Today will bring joy to your family. These biryani cuts included all ty

Save 20%
Chicken Curry Cut - Skinless (Small Pieces)

Chicken cut without skin is a complete source of lean protein and is low in healthy fats. We can prepare a variety of

Save 20%
Chicken Curry Cut - with Skin (Small pieces)

Meats Today's sliced ​​chicken cut with skin adds a lot of flavor and texture to your meal with minimal processing. Th

Save 7%
Whole Chicken (Full Chicken) - with Skin

Order Full chicken with skin online with Meats Today. We bring you fresh and clean chicken to prepare your desired dis

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