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Beef Meat ( Red Meat) is rich in protein and other nutrients. Find fresh meat online with Meats Today. Fresh and Hygiene meat is no longer Expensive. There are different cuts of beef that are used for cooking.

“Beef” is the common term that is used to refer to cow’s meat. But, each cut of beef has contrasting names and every single part of it is unique and tastes different. Hence, it is necessary to know different types of beef cuts in order to pick the right cut that suits your dish.


Beef Meat cuts and Beef Meat Benefits

The beef cuts are steaks, (Sirloin steak, flank steak, round steak, strip steak, Rib-eye steak, skirt steak, Flat Iron, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse or T bone steak, Tomahawk, Hanger, beef tenderloin) which can be grilled, smoked, barbecued steak and even fried steaks. Beef roasts, short ribs, corned beef, beef jerky, ground meat, minced meat, etc…

Other parts of beef such as beef blood gland which is used to prepare some blood sausages. Beef tongue and liver are grilled as served as tikkas. Beef tails and bones are used for soups and beef stock. Beef brain, glands such as pancreas and thymus, which are also edible.


Meats Today Beef Meat

Meats Today is an online meat shop in Chennai especially for beef and chicken. The best of beef is a plate with delicious beef chukka and beef biryani. Beef dishes are an indispensable part of Indian cuisine. Red meat has a good taste and has lower cholesterol and fat content.

We provide your desired cuts of red meat fresh from the farm. It’s very good news for beef lovers who always search for online beef delivery, Chennai? So, Meats Today delivers fresh meat directly to your doorstep. We introduced beef online Chennai delivery at the best rate to serve you. We are the Best online Beef seller in Chennai.


Categories of Beef Cuts in Meats Today


1. Beef Boneless

With the fresh Meats Today beef boneless pieces you can prepare beef cutlet, beef pakoda , Kerala beef fry, beef chukka, beef stew, beef varattiyathu , beef fry, saucy beef, beef shawarma, etc… Beef recipes are cooked in different styles, and south Indian cuisine is very spicy. You can make meatballs, burgers, keema curry, and kebabs using beef keema.


2. Beef With bone

Beef with bone, Chennai is famous for biriyani so the first thing that comes to our mind is beef biryani. Beef curry, beef pepper roast, beef soup, etc… Beef can be used in a balanced diet and is a good way to enjoy rich protein and flavorful dishes. Red meat is rich in nutrients such as protein and minerals.


Top recipes with Red Meat


The recipes you can try out at home are

  • Beef Biryani.
  • Beef Shawarma
  • Marinated Flank Steak
  • Shish Kebab with beef liver and tongue
  • Madras beef curry
  • Kerala beef roast
  • Beef balls
  • Beef tail soup
  • Beef liver roast
  • Beef Chukka


Meats Today Beef Meat Delivery

Everyone is busy with work. Don’t worry Beef shops near me on your doorstep. To save time, we search for online beef meat delivery near me? beef stall near me? So that you can receive your meat earlier. Meats Today delivers the best quality meats within 60 mins. Cheaper products can also be of better quality from now on...


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