What is Mutton?

‘Mutton’- The word used to denote the meat of sheep, Lamb, or goat. The color of the mutton will be red and it contains white fat attached to the flesh. This mutton meat is rich in protein and fat.


Nutritional Facts of Meats Today Mutton

Mutton Meat is filled with high-quality protein. It also contains Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Zinc, Phosphorous, Iron, and Cholesterol. Mutton meat contains all 9 amino acids required for the human body. This helps in the growth and maintenance of tissues and makes the immune system stronger. The mutton meat contains saturated and monounsaturated fats.


Health Benefits of Meats Today Mutton

  • As it’s rich in protein it helps in muscle maintenance and improves the body’s physical performance.
  • As Mutton meat is rich in Iron and Zinc it builds a better immune system
  • Mutton meat is rich in Vitamins that help in Metabolism


Categories of Mutton cuts in Meats Today

The Mutton cuts available in Meats Today

  • Mutton biryani cut
  • Mutton Curry Cut
  • Mutton Boneless


Meats Today Mutton Meat

Meats Today is an online meat shop in Chennai. You can get the best mutton in the city.

Mutton is fresh and juicy. We procure our meats from Village farms. The meats are cut and packed untouched by hands. The meats are maintained at 0-4 degree temp to keep bacteria and germs free.


We provide your desired cuts of mutton meat. It’s great news for mutton lovers who can always search for fresh mutton shops near me in Chennai. So, Meats Today delivers the fresh meat directly to your doorstep. We introduced online meat delivery at the best rate to serve you.


Top recipes with Mutton Meat

The recipes you can try out at home are


  • Mutton Biryani
  • Mutton Chukka
  • Mutton Curry
  • Mutton Gravy
  • Mutton Soups
  • Traditional Mutton Recipes
  • Mutton Stew recipes
  • Fried Mutton Recipes


Meats Today Delivery

Nowadays in the City side, everyone is busy with work and we order online. To save our personal time we search for online meat delivery near me? Or mutton near me? So that you can receive your meat earlier. Meats Today delivers the best quality meats within 60 mins. Cheaper products can also be better quality from now on

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